KRASetInfo Method

Updates KRA configuration by writing KRA certificates to Certification Authority. The method writes all certificates contained in Certificate property.


Namespace: PKI.CertificateServices
Assembly: SysadminsLV.PKI.Win (in SysadminsLV.PKI.Win.dll) Version: (
public bool SetInfo(
	bool restart


restart  Boolean
Indicates whether to restart certificate services to immediately apply changes. Updated settings has no effect until CA service is restarted.

Return Value

True if configuration was changed. If an object was not modified since it was instantiated, configuration is not updated and the method returns False.


This method do not check whether the certificates in Certificate property are valid. The caller is responsible to check if the certificates are time-valid, trusted and not revoked.


UnauthorizedAccessException The caller do not have sufficient permissions to make changes in the CA configuration.
ServerUnavailableException The target CA server could not be contacted via RPC/DCOM transport.

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