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Managing Risk from TLS Inspection

Recently, the National Security Agency (NSA) published a guide to Managing Risk from Transport Layer Security Inspection. The guide is designed to highlight the unique risks introduced into environments by the use of TLS inspection appliances. It also covers a few recommendations on how to secure these devices. There are some additional areas we recommend…

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You cannot submit a certificate request generated by Exchange Management Console (EMC) or Exchange Management Shell (EMS) to CA

As part of joining PKI Solutions, several blog posts from my old site are re-posted here for visibility and thoroughness. You create certificate certificate by using either Exchange Management Console (EMC) or Exchange Management Shell (EMS) and save it to a file. When you attempt to submit certificate request to a Windows-based Certification Authority (CA)…

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Submitting Netscape SPKI (SPKAC) Cert Requests to ADCS

Recently I was contacted on Twitter with a question about Microsoft’s support of Signed Public Key and Challenge (Netscape SPKI) for certificate enrollment requests. I have long taught in my classes that there are a number of formats supported by ADCS for certificate requests. So I consulted one of the tables I talk about in…

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