Hidden switches of Certutil.exe and Certreq.exe

Hey Kids, Rock and Roll! Two of the most reliable toolsets in Windows for the last two decades have been the tandem of certutil.exe and certreq.exe. It’s no secret there are a wealth of very useful functions exposed in the basic usage of these tools, also documented publicly here: certutil.exe public documentation certreq.exe public documentation…

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Announcing the Online PKI Assessmental Portal

Guy on Laptop PKI Assessment Portal

I am extremely proud to announce that today we have launched our Online PKI Assessment Portal. This new service is the first of its kind to offer online, automated, self-paced review and assessments of Microsoft ADCS based PKIs. We have been performing onsite PKI Assessments for customers for years now. Typically focused on the design,…

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The case of accidentally deleted user certificates

PKI Solutions Logo

As part of joining PKI Solutions, several blog posts from my old site are re-posted here for visibility and thoroughness. Sometimes users accidentally delete their certificates from personal store. After that users are not able to perform certificate-based tasks, i.e. decrypt files or mail, sign data and authenticate. Some organizations implement Key Archival for certificate and private…

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