Cyber Attacks, Code Signing, and the Digital Supply Chain

Hello again! Welcome to my second blog.  Going to shift gears a bit from my personal PKI journey to discuss cyber-attacks. With the recent SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline incidents, cyber-attacks have been dominating the news.  These are just two of the latest in a string of attacks that are becoming all too frequent.  These assaults…

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Targeting the Extended Supply Chain – a Brief Review of Stuxnet

Peter DiToro Strategic Advisor For PKI Solutions

In November, 2010 Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that a “cyber weapon” had been deployed against the Natanz nuclear laboratory. Indeed, some infosec pundits subsequently referred to the attack, called “Stuxnet”, as the first true cyber weapon to be used in anger. While that may be debatable, what is not in question is the design,…

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