Handling X509KeyStorageFlags in applications

Vadims Podans PKI Developer

Hello everyone! While participating on StackOverflow.com, I’m observing common in-app certificate handling misuses in .NET applications and I want to share some thoughts on this. Today I would like to speak about handling X509Certificate2 object creation inside the application code, common problems in handling private key material, potential issues and how to overcome them. Problem…

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Our Advanced PKI Training Course Is Now Online

ADCS Advance Training Course PKI Solutions

Now is the time to keep your PKI healthy – now more than ever. The key to operating and maintaining your PKI is understanding how it all works. We all know that PKIs are the foundational backbone of enterprise IT security, IoT, and industry specific security standards. Ensuring the security and integrity of your PKI…

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Are You Preparing for Quantum?

Technology Prototype PKI

Quantum supremacy is looming…some year in the future. However, contrary to what you may have heard, the advent of quantum computing won’t spell the end to encryption as we know it. That is, if enterprises take the necessary steps to prepare for a post-quantum future. Enterprises must begin the process of assessing their current systems,…

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Accessing and using certificate private keys in .NET Framework/.NET Core

PKI Solutions Logo

This blog post is about programming and its purpose is to have a link to direct developers for explanation. Inspired from this list: Casting private key to RSACryptoServiceProvider not working Best way to initiate RSACryptoServiceProvider from x509Certificate2? Unable to cast object of type ‘RSACng’ to type ‘System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider’ RSACryptoServiceProvider not working in .net core Getting RSA…

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