ADCS SID Extension Policy Module is live!

Hello everyone, here is my next blog post after a long delay. While I’m working on PKI Spotlight product, I never forget about open-source products and a lot was changed without much announces since the work is still in progress. Today I want to inform about my next effort and it is a big one.…

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Request extension processing in Active Directory Certification Authority

Vadims Podans PKI Developer

Hello S-1-1-0, Crypt32 is on air! Today I want to explain how ADCS Certification Authority processes extensions from incoming requests and certificate templates. Every X.509 V3 certificate contains certificate extensions to include extra information about certificate owner, issuer, intended usages, limitations/constraints. CA utilize multiple sources to generate extension list to be included in signed certificate,…

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Creating a NDES Policy Module – A Programmers Guide

PKI Solutions Logo

Microsoft introduced a great security improvement in Windows Server 2012 R2 to alter the standard Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) security process. If you are familiar with the whitepaper I wrote for Microsoft (Securing and Hardening NDES) you’ll know I wrote about the disadvantages of using NDES for BYOD and Internet accessible enrollment solutions. The…

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