Field Report – Stop REACTING to Expired CRLs

In this article, I continue to dig into how we are changing the world of PKI administration with PKI Spotlight. One of the most common issues organizations face around the world is due to expired Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs). If you’re not already familiar, Certificate Authorities (CA) are not involved in the moment-to-moment verification of…

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OCSP Magic Number

Naheed Jivani PKI Solutions Consultant

The magic number is a value that states when CRLs will be processed over OCSP, specifically it is when the total number of cached OCSP responses from a single OCSP responder URL on behalf of a single certificate authority will stop performing OCSP and start processing CRLs. This will occur if the number of cached…

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Ignore Revocation Checking – The bane of my existence!

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As students in my PKI training classes know, one of the areas I am a vocal about is the blind use of the CRLF_REVCHECK_IGNORE_OFFLINE setting in a PKI environment. I am so adamantly against the use of this setting, I personally refuse to ever explicitly share or type the syntax to enable this nasty beast.…

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