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Smart Cards

Windows Server 2016 – What’s New with ADCS

Well, here it is – the concise list of updates and changes to Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) for Windows Server 2016. I will go ahead and tell you now that there aren’t any new earth shattering features. Consider this an incremental set of improvements to ADCS. Remember that we still have things like Elliptical…

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Leveraging Smart Card Beyond Logons

While working with a customer recently, an interesting need came up that required me to rummage through my treasure-trove of random PKI and certificate knowledge. This was apparently so well hidden, I had to reach out to an old friend still at Microsoft to remind me what the heck it’s called! One of the things…

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The Case for Tactical Two-Factor Authentication

Over the years, I’ve worked with customers as they were designing and deploying a PKI. A common step for every project was to review and assess business requirements for certificates. The goal was to determine what types of certificates would be needed in the environment. This in turns ultimately drives the design, security and operation…

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