ADCS Open Protocols specifications

Hello S-1-1-0, Today I want to talk about another area in ADCS I’m contributing to — Open Protocols specifications. Around 15 years ago, Microsoft moved toward to open source and started a new documentation branch called “Open Specifications”, where Microsoft publishes a very detailed Windows protocols specifications so third party can build compatible clients and…

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Changes to SSL/TLS Certificate Validity Periods – September 2020

Validity Period Changes to SSL/TLS Certificate PKI

It was recently announced that Google Chrome will be joining Apple Safari in implementing a change to publicly trusted SSL/TLS certificates. This change, however, will impact organizations operating their own internal PKI as well. While the change was initially submitted to the official CA/Browser Forum, the vote failed last year. However, both Apple and Google…

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The PKI Guy talks post-quantum standards with Lily Chen of NIST

The PKI Guy Talks with Lily Chen of NIST

Q&A with Lily Chen, group manager, post-quantum cryptography team with NIST TPG: Tell us about your role with the NIST Post-Quantum Team and how you are leading the efforts to render quantum attacks ineffective. LC: I am the manager of the Cryptographic Technology Group at NIST, which has developed and published cryptographic standards for more…

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