Book Recommendation – Hacking the Hacker (Roger Grimes)

Book Recommendation

A good friend of mine I met while at Microsoft just had one of his books released. Roger is a Security Columnist for InfoWorld and is a pretty dang sharp guy. His new book, Hacking the Hacker has some good information in many different areas confronting modern cybersecurity specialists. Of particular interest to anyone reading this blog is his inclusion of information around cryptography, hashes and profiles Mark Hellman, of Diffie Hellman fame. If you are looking at expanding your tool set and knowledge, this is a great book to do that.

Hacking the Hackers (, a new book by Roger A. Grimes, promotes the computer security field as a good career for smart people to pursue by profiling 26 industry luminaries, experts, and educators (including me). Each profile is prefaced by a chapter on the relevant technology and how to defend against malicious hackers. It ends with two chapters designed to help parents guide their children into careers in ethical hacking. Hacking the Hacker was picked by (ISC)2 as their first non-exam book recommendation.


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