Thwart internal and external threats with the right HSMs

The key to properly protecting your PKI environment is consistently following well-designed procedures and policies. Hardware security modules (HSM) can be used in a PKI to enforce defined procedures and ensure no one person can compromise it. They can also be used to speed up signing/issuance in high-volume environments and secure your certificate authority (CA) against the extraction and misuse of your CA private keys.

HSMs can be configured to require a quorum of trust role owners to be present to authorize transactions, and where an auditable chain of custody for non-repudiation is needed.  HSMs can be set up to provide EAL 4/FIPS 140-2 level 3 protection of your PKI.

We are well-versed with architecting and deploying nCipher, Thales/Gemalto/SafeNet, Utimaco and FutureX HSMs, but can advise you in the proper selection, architecture and implementation of one or more HSMs from various suppliers in your PKI environment. With the right HSM configuration, you will have the confidence that your critical signing keys are protected against internal and external threats.  Call us today to get the full story.