HSMs and the changing PKI Ecosystem

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As I head back from the 1st annual Thales HSM User Group (HUG) conference in Chicago, I have been reflecting on the sessions and information that was shared at the conference. There is a ground swell of awareness around information protection and identity assurance. What was once the theoretical concepts of corporate espionage and dark shadowy figures hacking information systems has turned into a credible threat. Organizations ranging from payment processors to everyday organizations with ANY kind of information are faced with deterring and preventing information disclosure.

For years the PKI architectural concepts were based on best practices that were sometimes too cumbersome or rigorous for many organizations. Those same controls and policies are now becoming commonplace and are essential to protecting information. So to those customers that allowed me to hammer away on those points over the last many years, thank you, we have less work to do in securing your infrastructure.

As part of the commitment to share information with the PKI community – I am sharing a copy of my presentation I delivered at the Thales HUG conference. Do the items resonant with you and your organizational goals? I’m inclined to think they do.

HUG2014 – HSMs and the Evolving PKI Ecosystem (Mark B Cooper)

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