PKI Services and Utilities

Third-party solutions for securing PKI environments

There are many elements that make up a secure PKI deployment. From the Certification Authority to end-user key protection services. Most PKI deployments rely on a number of supporting server roles, solutions and product to make the issuance, verification and security of certificates and keys more manageable. The products we offer in this space are designed to integrate into any of our PKI environments and are compatible with almost any PKI. Not all products or services are recommended for every environment, but we will carefully help you evaluate your needs and determine if any of these products are applicable.

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Certificate Management and Reporting PKI

Ascertia offers a number of solutions for an enterprise PKI. ADSS Server offers a full range of PKI services including Advanced or Qualified electronic digital signatures, as well as advanced CA, RA, OCSP, SCVP and TSA service modules. ADSS OCSP Server and ADSS SCVP Server are FIPS 201 certified and shown on the GSA APL. Key benefits include real-time (whitelisting) of certificate status and configurable validity periods for OCSP responses.

ADSS TSA Server provides independent and irrefutable proof of time for transactions, documents and digital signatures. It can be used to create legal weight evidence that business transactions occurred at a defined moment in time, that e-documents existed at a particular time and that they have not been subsequently altered. It can also independently prove when a digital signature was applied by the signer so that its validity can be verified in the long-term, even after expiry or revocation of signer’s digital credentials.