PKI Spotlight Trial


Try PKI Spotlight for 30-days in your environment to see its full capabilities and features to help you achieve outcomes that matter! Operational Resilience, Security Posture Management, Threat Detection, and Best Practices.



Download the PKI Spotlight Trial and in a matter of a few hours, you’ll have a clear understanding of how PKI Spotlight will improve your operational resilience, security posture, threat detection, and best-practice capabilities.

By the end of your trial period, you will experience:

  • How the real-time aggregation engine works to process information from PKI roles such as CAs, CRL distribution points, Hardware Security Modules, and more.
  • How to set up monitoring and alerting rules so that you, your teams, and stakeholders can get notified on changes, failures, and even pre-failure states.
  • How to use config explorer to get insights into PKI configurations such as CA permissions, revocations, and crypto modules.
  • How you can use time-based filtering to keep track of trends and establish behavioral baselines.


Upon completion of your checkout, you will be provided with the download link for the PKI Spotlight Agent and Controller. We will follow up via email within 1 business day to gather information to generate your trial license.