Thank You for your PKI Assessment Order

Next Steps

Now that your license has been created, you are now ready to begin onboarding and using the PKI Assessment Portal.

1. Navigate to the portal website at and click the Sign up now link

2. When creating your account, use the email address that you specified when your order was placed – it must be the same email. Select the Send verification code

3. An email will arrive shortly with the code that must be entered to continue. After entering the code from the email, select Verify code, once validated you will receive an acknowledgement via email.

4. You can now specify your desired password and enter your first and last name then click Create

5. After selecting the relivent timezone for your location select Continue and onboarding will be complete.

At the end of this session please Logout of the portal by clicking the person icon located at the top right of the window and selecting the option. This step is required for the first user of the organization to grant your account ownership of the tenant. You will not have full permissions until you logout and re-login.


Full documentation is available in the assessment portal under the Help menu. You can also download the portal user guide here: In the guide you will see information on how to perform an assessment as well as managing your organization and inviting other users to access your account.


If you are unable to onboard yourself, please contact us at so we can assist you.