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Book Status – March 9, 2014

By ThePKIGuy | Mar 9, 2014

Here is the first of many updates for the new 2012 Microsoft PKI (Active Directory Certificate Services) book updates. Just this week, Brian sent me the first five chapters for review. So things are definitely underway and we are hoping for release this year! Stay tuned for further developments and topics as we move closer…

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2012 PKI Book in Progress!

By ThePKIGuy | Sep 10, 2013

Great news, I’ve been working with Brian Komar, the author of the 2003 and 2008 MS Press Windows Server 2008 PKI and Certificate Security books. He has crafted the technical outline of the book and I will be working with him as a Technical Editor. So for the time being I am reviewing the book…

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Goodbye MD5 – Sooner Than You Think!

By ThePKIGuy | Sep 7, 2013

If you recall, last year Microsoft took a small step to increase the security of enterprises by following industry standards that weaker/shorter keylengths were no longer viable for production use. Microsoft did this with KB 2661254 which prevented Windows operating systems from validating certificates with key lengths shorter than 1024. Recently, Microsoft announced Security Advisory…

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PKI Solutions is Full Steam Ahead

By ThePKIGuy | Aug 23, 2013

The work to get PKI Solutions spun up is going quite well. For those of you I have worked with in the past, I am looking forward to continuing to work with you in this new role. I am extremely pleased that so many of you are supporting the new venture and are already signed…

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