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SCEP and NDES, A Brief History  

By Nick Sirikulbut | Sep 9, 2022
SCEP and NDES protocol to support the enrollment of non domain joined devices including IoT devices

SCEP vs. NDES. What are they and how are they related?  Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) and is designated as RFC 8894 is an enrollment method to allow a device to generate a certificate request and automatically submit it to a CA. It can also support certificate revocation and CRL lookups. SCEP was originally designed…

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Book review – “Pro Active Directory Certificate Services” by Lawrence E. Hughes

By Vadims Podāns | Sep 5, 2022

Disclaimer: This review contains my personal opinion about the book and does not necessary reflect the company’s or other people opinion. Hello everyone, today I have a little-bit unusual blog post, which is a book review. As you may know, my primary interest area is Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) and it there are…

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Avarn Security Ensures Security of Their Organization’s Identity and Encryption Systems with PKI Solutions

By ThePKIGuy | Aug 8, 2022

Several months ago we worked with one of our customers, Avarn Security, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, to design and implement a PKI environment with cloud-based Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Avarn Security is the leading security group delivering first-class security solutions to corporate and public sector customers throughout Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. They provide security…

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Field Report – PKI Spotlight Changes Everything

By ThePKIGuy | Jul 28, 2022
PKI Spotlight Event Source

It’s been nearly 20+ years that I have been focused on PKI and working with customers around the world. In that time, new versions of Windows Server OS have brought various levels of new features, though not much lately. In all of that time, there has rarely, if ever been a moment that has been…

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PKI Spotlight Helps Credit Union Monitor Security System, Demonstrate Compliance During Audits

By ThePKIGuy | Jul 26, 2022

It’s always rewarding when you can introduce a long-standing customer to a new technology product that will really make a difference for their organization. And, it’s a bonus when it’s our own product: PKI Spotlight. Recently, we worked with BayPort Credit Union to implement PKI Spotlight to provide real-time monitoring and alerting of the availability,…

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Emphasizing Security Best Practices; the Rise and Fall of Diginotar

By Peter DiToro | Jul 13, 2022
Lack of attention to PKI and Key Encryption Best Practices can result in serious breaches with consequences to lives and businesses.

Between June 2011 and the end of the year, Diginotar, a Dutch Certificate Authority and wholly owned subsidiary of Vasco Data Security International, fell from a rising Euro tech star to a government takeover and subsequent bankruptcy. Diginotar had the wind in its sails; a deep-pocketed American parent, the full trust and patronage of the…

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PKI Spotlight Latest Release

By ThePKIGuy | Jul 12, 2022
Healthy Is-Alive status of the Certificate Authority. Status based on 6 tests including whether the CA has access to HSM to digitally sign certificates.

PKI Spotlight’s Latest Release Introduces New Features To Help IT Teams Solve Their Greatest PKI Challenges

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NDES and Intune Best Practices | Get Better At Articulating What PKIs Do

By Nick Sirikulbut | Jun 23, 2022
PKI Solutions Logo

Throughout the pandemic, we are seeing an increasing number of requests and questions from customers about the nuances of setting up Microsoft Intune and Microsoft NDES (Microsoft’s implementation of SCEP). We have also seen that customers get in trouble regarding certificates and the hybrid architecture of on-prem NDES and cloud-based Intune. At PKI Solutions we…

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Learn How the Third Largest Electric Utility Company in the U.S is Using PKI Spotlight to Prevent Network Outages

By ThePKIGuy | Jun 22, 2022

One of the key lessons that I’ve learned from working in the public key infrastructure (PKI) and cybersecurity space for more than 20 years is that we all have the same problems. What I mean by that is that most organizations share the same challenges when it comes to cybersecurity in general and PKI in…

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