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Public Key Infrastructure PKI Certificates Mitigating Risks

When your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or Certificates scare the h@*! out of you

By Josh Sommer | November 7, 2022

Who Ya Gonna Call? Halloween should be scary, not your PKIs 🎃 We were excited to offer a monthly PKI “Office hours” where viewers posted questions and topics they wanted addressed in the comments. Check out our most recent Office Hours, Halloween Edition. Or else… Here are some of the questions that were asked during…

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Webinar Q&A For: Common And Risky MS Intune And NDES Misconfigurations and How to Fix Them

By Josh Sommer | September 19, 2022

Q: Is there a way we could configure NDES Certs to be auto-renewed? A: By default, the base NDES install templates are set to expire. It is a matter of recreating the templates and setting them to auto renew. So, we do not run the risk of having them expire. This also is an opportunity…

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