The PKI Guy's Q&A Series

Mark B. Cooper, known as The PKI Guy, talks with a wide variety of experts who share their insights on current technologies, new developments, and what's on the horizon. Learn more about cybersecurity threats and trends, how enterprises can take action, and industry happenings. Check back regularly!

PKI_Guy QA series

The PKI Guy explores what’s on the cyber horizon with Mirko Zorz of Help Net Security

By ThePKIGuy | February 11, 2020

Q&A with Mirko Zorz, editor-in-chief, Help Net Security TPG: What are the biggest technical security challenges organizations are facing? MZ: We can divide all challenges organization are facing today in two categories: human and technical. To make things more complicated, these are also interconnected and often interdependent. On the human side, you have users that…

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The PKI Guy discusses cyber trends with Dan Raywood of Infosecurity Magazine

By ThePKIGuy | January 14, 2020

Q&A with Dan Raywood, deputy editor, InfoSecurity Magazine TPG: What do you think will be the most discussed industry trends of 2020? DR: I can see AI being discussed more and more as we move into the next decade. Our research suggests that this is the biggest driver for cybersecurity practitioners going forward. I also…

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A Look Back at Conversations with the Brightest Minds in Cybersecurity

By ThePKIGuy | January 9, 2020

What an incredible, action-packed year 2019 turned out to be in cybersecurity. Throughout the past year, I interviewed industry experts, authors, and technology luminaries with topics ranging from quantum computing to authentication to top security threats to PKI evolution. Below are highlights from the 2019 The PKI Guy’s Q&A Series. Keep checking back to read…

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The PKI Guy talks quantum computing with Roger A. Grimes

By ThePKIGuy | December 10, 2019

Q&A with Roger A. Grimes, IDG/CSOOnline security columnist and Data-Driven Defense Evangelist for KnowBe4, Inc.  TPG: What’s the worst malware you’ve seen lately? RG: Ransomware in general. You’ve got tons of companies going down for days to weeks. Ten percent of small businesses never recover and go out of business. Most companies are paying the…

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The PKI Guy discusses security threats with Alex Momot of Remme

By ThePKIGuy | November 8, 2019

Q&A with Alex Momot, CEO of Remme TPG: What do you see as the biggest security threats organizations are facing today? AM: There are a lot of them. But the ones that I see as most critical right now are phishing and shadow IT. Both of them are also partly personnel issues. With phishing, organizations…

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The PKI Guy talks identity management with Jay Schiavo of Entrust Datacard

By ThePKIGuy | October 15, 2019

Q&A with Jay Schiavo, vice president of Entrust Certificate Services Markets, Entrust Datacard TPG: How will nCipher Security strengthen Entrust Datacard’s offering to secure data and verify identities, and reduce risks? JS: The acquisition of the nCipher general purpose HSM business allows Entrust Datacard to provide our customers with solutions that exceed expectations for high-assurance use cases…

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