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PKI.OCSP Namespace

Contains classes and enumerations that represent OCSP Client tool.
Public classCertID
The class represents an object to identify the certificate to include in OCSP Request. Also this object is returned by the OCSP Responder.
Public classOCSPRequest
Represents an OCSP Request object. This object is used to create and submit a request to an OCSP Responder.
Public classOCSPResponse
Represents an OCSP response received from OCSP responder against previously submitted OCSP Request.
Public classOCSPSingleRequest
This class represents a single OCSP request entry which include information about the certificate to verify and optional extensions.
Public classOCSPSingleRequestCollection
Represents a collection of OCSPSingleRequest objects.
Public classOCSPSingleResponse
Represents OCSP single response that contains revocation status about particular certificate. Certificate ID is stored in CertID property.
Public classOCSPSingleResponseCollection
Represents a collection of OCSPSingleResponse objects.
Public enumerationCertificateStatus
Defines the status of a certificate requested in the OCSP Request. The status is defined in RFC2560.
Public enumerationOCSPResponseComplianceError
Contains OCSP response compliance warning and error statuses.
Public enumerationOCSPResponseStatus
Contains possible OCSP response statuses.
Public enumerationOCSPResponseType
Contains possible OCSP response types. Currently only id_pkix_ocsp_basic type is supported.