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SysadminsLV.PKI.Dcom.Implementations Namespace

Contains classes and enumerations that use managed Active Directory Certificate Services DCOM implementation.
Public classCertConfigD
Represents Windows implementation for ICertConfigD interface.
Public classCertConfigEntryD
Represents a Windows implementation of ICertConfigEntryD interface.
Public classCertCrlAdminD
Represents a managed implementation of ICertCrlAdminD interface.
Public classCertDbAdminD
Represents a managed implementation of ICertDbAdminD interface that includes Certification Authority database management operations.
Public classCertPropReaderD
Represents a Windows-specific implementation of ICertPropReaderD interface.
Public classCertSrvRegManagerD
Represents a managed implementation of ICertRegManagerD interface and used to manage ADCS Certification Authority configuration. This class uses RPC/DCOM transport to manage Certification Authority configuration.