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SysadminsLV.PKI.Management.CertificateServices.Database Namespace

Contains classes and enumerations that are used to access ADCS CA database.
Public classAdcsDbColumnSchema
Represents a description of ADCS database column schema.
Public classAdcsDbPropertyCollection
Contains a collection of ADCS database entry properties.
Public classAdcsDbQueryFilter
Represents an ADCS database query filter entry. Query filter consist of column name to use in the filter, logical operator of the data-query qualifier and query qualifier.
Public classAdcsDbReader
Represents Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) managed database reader engine.
Public classAdcsDbRow
Represents Certification Authority database row. This object contains only 4 base properties: RowId, RequestId, ConfigString and Table. Other properties should be added by using external means (for example, by using Add-Member cmdlet in Windows PowerShell).
Public classAdcsDbSchemaEntry
Represents Certification Authority database's table.
Public enumerationAdcsDbColumnDataType
Contains possible datatypes to store the data in Certification Authority's database.
Public enumerationAdcsDbSeekOperator
Specifies the logical operator of the data-query qualifier for the column. This parameter is used with the QualifierValue member to define the data-query qualifier.
Public enumerationAdcsDbTableName
Contains Certification Authority database table enumeration.
Public enumerationAdcsDbViewTableName
Contains enumeration of predefined ADCS database view tables.