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System.Security.Cryptography Namespace

Contains extension classes for default .NET Framework System.Security.Cryptography namespace.
Public classOid2
An extended class for Oid class. Extended class provides rich functionality by returning additional OID registration information and OID registration/unregistration capabilites.
Public classOidMapping
Represents an object identifier (OID) mapping. OID mapping is used to map external OID from foreign domain to its equivalent in the subject domain.

OID mapping is usually used in Certificate and Application Policies Mappings certificate extensions.

Public classX509Attribute
Represents a cryptographic attribute.
Public classX509AttributeCollection
Represents a collection of X509Attribute objects.
Public enumerationOidGroupEnum
This enumeration defines all possible Object Identifier (OID) registration groups. OID can be registered under multiple OID groups with unique friendly name.