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WebSSL Properties

The WebSSL type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCertificate
Gets server SSL certificate.
Public propertyCertificateIsValid
Gets the status of the certificate. True if the certificate is valid, otherwise False.
Public propertyErrorInformation
Gets certificate chain error information.
Public propertyIssuer
Gets certificate issuer.
Public propertyNameMatch
Identifies whether the name (or names) in the certificate matches the one specified in the request.
Public propertyOriginalUri
Gets original connection URL.
Public propertyPkcs7Chain
Gets entire SSL certificate chain returned by web server.
Public propertyResponse
Gets original HTTP response.
Public propertyReturnedUri
Gets returned connection URL.
Public propertySubject
Gets certificate subject name.
Public propertySubjectAlternativeNames
Gets an array of Subject Alternative Names (SAN) if they are configured.
Public propertyUserContext
Gets or sets the behavior for certificate chain building. If the property is set to True, user root certificates are allowed to establish a trust to a certificate. Otherwise, local system (machine) store is used.
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