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OcspResponder Properties

The OcspResponder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArrayController
Gets the Array Controller of the current Online Responder Array.
Public propertyArrayMembers
Gets a list of array members of the current Online Responder Array.
Public propertyAuditFilter
Gets or sets the set of flags that identify the responder events for which the security audit is performed.
Public propertyComputerName
Gets the host name of Online Responder.
Public propertyIsArrayController
Indicates whether the current instance of Online Responder is Array Controller.
Public propertyIsRunning
Indicates whether the OCSP service is running.
Public propertyLogLevel
Gets or sets the logging level on Online Responder.
Public propertyMaxNumOfCacheEntries
Gets or sets the maximum number of OCSP responses cached by Online Responder.
Public propertyMaxNumOfRequestEntries
Gets or sets the maximum number of request entries in OCSP request message. Default value is 1.
Public propertyMaxRequestSize
Gets or sets the maximum size of OCSP request in bytes, that is allowed to be processed on the server.
Public propertyNumOfThreads
Gets or sets the number of simultaneous OCSP requests that can be served by the Online Responder.
Public propertyRequestFlags
Gets or sets request handling configuration on Online Responder server.
Public propertyTraceDebugEnabled
Gets or sets the value whether the tracing for errors on Online Responder is enabled.
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