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CRLValiditySetting Class

Represents Certification Authority object with defined certificate revocation list validity settings.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  PKI.CertificateServices
Assembly:  SysadminsLV.PKI (in SysadminsLV.PKI.dll) Version: (
public class CRLValiditySetting

The CRLValiditySetting type exposes the following members.

Public methodCRLValiditySetting
Initializes a new instance of the CRLValiditySetting class
Public propertyBaseCRL
Gets or sets Base CRL validity period.
Public propertyBaseCRLOverlap
Gets or sets Base CRL validity extension after new Base CRL is issued.
Public propertyComputerName
Gets the host fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server where Certification Authority is installed.
Public propertyDeltaCRL
Gets or sets Delta CRL validity period.
Public propertyDeltaCRLOverlap
Gets or sets Base CRL validity extension after new Delta CRL is issued.
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets the display name of the Certification Authority (sanitized characters are decoded to textual characters).
Public propertyIsModified
Returns True if the current object is modified after it is created.
Public propertyName
Gets the common name of the Certification Authority in a sanitized form as specified in MS-WCCE §
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Public methodSetInfo
Updates CRL (Base and Delta CRL) setting.
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