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PolicyServerClient Class

Represents a enrollment policy server client object.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  PKI.Enrollment.Policy
Assembly:  SysadminsLV.PKI (in SysadminsLV.PKI.dll) Version: (
public class PolicyServerClient

The PolicyServerClient type exposes the following members.

Public methodPolicyServerClient
Initializes a new instance of the PolicyServerClient class
Public propertyAuthentication
Gets or sets the enrollment policy authentication type.
Public propertyFilePath
Gets the path to a enrollment policy local configuration.
Public propertyFlags
Gets or sets enrollment policy settings.
Public propertyFromPolicy
Specifies whether the current policy object is registered via group policy or via local registry.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the enrollment policy friendly name.
Public propertyPolicyId
Gets the enrollment policy unique ID.
Public propertyPolicyLoaded
Indicates whether the policy is loaded.
Public propertyPriority
Gets or sets the enrollment policy priority. The lower number means higher priority.
Public propertyTemplates
Gets the list of certificate templates available for the enrollment. This property is filled when LoadPolicy(String, SecureString) method is called.
Public propertyURL
Gets the enrollment policy URL.
Public propertyUserContext
Specifies whether the enrollment policy is registered in user or machine context.
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Serves as the default hash function.
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Public methodLoadPolicy
Loads certificate templates available for enrollment. Certificate templates are populated in Templates property if the method succeeds.
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Public methodRegister
Registers or updates a current object in local registry.
Public methodSetCredential
Sets the credential used to contact the certificate enrollment policy (CEP) server
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
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Public methodUnregister
Unregisters (deletes) certificate enrollment policy server endpoint from registry.
Public methodValidate
Validates the current policy information.
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