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SysadminsLV.PKI.Cryptography.X509Certificates Namespace

Contains extension classes for default .NET Framework System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates namespace.
Public classX509CertificateBuilder
Represents a version 3 X.509 certificate generator class. This class is intended to generate in-memory certificates without having to install them in certificate store.
Public classX509CertificateTrustList
Represents a Microsoft Certificate Trust List (CTL) object.
Public classX509CertificateTrustListBuilder
Contains properties and methods used to create and sign X.509 certificate trust list.
Public classX509CertificateTrustListEntry
Represents a X.509 certificate trust list (CTL) entry element. Generally, this elements describes the certificate in the trust list.
Public classX509CertificateTrustListEntryCollection
Represents a collection of X509CertificateTrustListEntry objects.
Public classX509CrlBuilder
Represents X.509 certificate revocation list (CRL) generator class.
Public classX509ExtensionOid
Contains OIDs for most commonly used X.509 certificate and certificate revocation list extensions.
Public enumerationX509CrlType
Represents certificate revocation list types.