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X509CertificateTrustListBuilder Class

Contains properties and methods used to create and sign X.509 certificate trust list.
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Namespace:  SysadminsLV.PKI.Cryptography.X509Certificates
Assembly:  SysadminsLV.PKI (in SysadminsLV.PKI.dll) Version: (
public class X509CertificateTrustListBuilder

The X509CertificateTrustListBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public methodX509CertificateTrustListBuilder
Initializes a new instance of X509CertificateTrustListBuilder
Public methodX509CertificateTrustListBuilder(X509CertificateTrustList)
Initializes a new instance of X509CertificateTrustListBuilder from existing trust list. All data from existing list is copied to builder.
Public propertyEntries
Gets a collection of trust list entries associated with trust list.
Public propertyHashAlgorithm
Gets or sets the hashing algorithm used to create trust list entries. Default algorithm is SHA1.
Public propertyListIdentifier
Gets or sets the trust list identifier. Often, it is a friendly name of the list.
Public propertyNextUpdate
Gets or sets the expiration date and time for trust list. If not set, trust list is valid indefinitely.
Public propertySequenceNumber
Gets or sets the monotonically increasing number for each update of the CTL.
Public propertySubjectUsages
Gets a list that identifies the intended usage of the list as a sequence of object identifiers. This is the same as in the Enhanced Key Usage extension.
Public propertyThisUpdate
Gets or sets the date and time when trust list validity begins. Default value is current date and time.
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Public methodSign
Encodes and signs current trust list using signer certificate and optional certificate chain to include in CTL.
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