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It’s been on my to-do list for a number of years but I’ve never had a chance to get to it. That is what tends to happen when you work at a big corporation and there are competing interests and demands on your time. But being the small business man that I am, I can focus on the work that is most important to me, my customers and the ADCS PKI Community as a whole. So I finally translated all my old email archives from past discussions and documentations of hotfixes and known issues into a reference for everyone.

If you view the new ADCS Hotfixes menu tab you will be directed to the first comprehensive list of ADCS hotfixes and known issues for Server 2003 to Server 2012 R2. This on-going, living list will continue to be updated and maintained in the future. It represents the first (and so far only) list of hotfixes for ADCS in a single location. Microsoft doesn’t even have a comprehensive list like this focused on ADCS and related technologies.

Currently the list is tracking 64 hotfixes and 7 known issues and is being updated on an almost daily basis as the list is outfitted. I am also in the process of vetting the list with the ADCS Product Manager at Microsoft to ensure it is as complete and accurate as possible.

As of today, September 10, 2014 are the current numbers:

ADCS Fix Statistics


Operating System

Hotfix Count

Known Issues

Windows Server 2003


Windows Server 2008


Windows Server 2008 R2



Windows Server 2012



Windows Server 2012 R2



Client Certificate Related




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