CIP Resilience Tools Custom-built for Energy

For the energy industry, PKI security and availability is critical, yet the market is filled with SaaS-based security tools that are too broad to meet strict regulatory or security needs. By contrast, PKI Solutions meets and exceeds Critical Infrastructure Protection resilience (CIP) requirements and optimizes cybersecurity in energy and utilities. Strengthen and secure PKI across your OT network with strong controls, encryptions, and identities. PKI Solutions has deep subject matter expertise and customized guidance to meet the complex needs of utilities companies.

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  • PKI Spotlight®: Real-time PKI Monitoring Built for Utilities

    After 20 years of solving complex PKI issues specific to enterprises in the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy, PKI Solutions launched our revolutionary monitoring tool, PKI Spotlight. PKI Spotlight combines the depth of our PKI expertise with the real-time visibility that you need. Shaped by the thousands of energy scenarios PKI Solutions has encountered and remediated over the years, PKI Spotlight enables proactive security and remediation, meeting CIP resilience requirements, securing and optimizing smart electric meters, and increasing PKI availability throughout the OT network.

    • No Internet Connection: PKI Spotlight is not a SaaS solution and does not require an Internet connection. It is designed so electrical companies can run it in an isolated network.
    • Best Practices and Governance: Review and refine your PKI operational and configuration practices within standard frameworks like NAESB.
    • Optimal Visibility: Reduce time to solution with real-time monitoring and centralized visibility.
    • Operational Resilience: Improve the uptime, availability, and recoverability of your PKIs and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) environments.

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  • PKI Solutions in Action: Gas & Electric Customer Case Study

    One of the largest utility companies in the U.S. selected PKI Solutions to solve PKI outages and close gaps in security of the PKI in parts of their systems. In this partnership that includes custom PKI strategy and PKI Spotlight, PKI Solutions facilitates the centralization of visibility, the implementation of new administrative controls and optimized operational resiliency.

Gas & Electric Utility Holding Company Case Study

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    The Challenges to Solve

    PKI is mission critical to operations; outages can be disastrous. Over the past several years, parts of the company’s PKI failed. The company looked to PKI Solutions’ in-depth expertise to both remediate issues and prevent outages and infrastructure issues, to build CIP resilience.

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    PKI Solutions for Gas & Electricity

    The company looked to PKI solutions because of our extensive experience with PKI and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and our unique, customized approach to solving PKI issues for the energy industry. PKI Solutions provided an end-to-end approach to PKI remediation and threat prevention, providing custom strategy consulting and PKI Spotlight to monitor and alert of issues in real time.

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    The Outcomes PKI Solutions Enables

    With PKI Solutions, the company was able to implement new administrative controls, centralized visibility and increased CIP resilience, freeing resources for critical risk reduction initiatives across the organization.

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The PKI Solutions Difference

  • Industry-Leading PKI Expertise

    PKI Spotlight gives you confidence in the security of your PKI and eliminates the threats and additional business costs of PKI outages. Maintain continuity, increase operational resilience, and optimize availability with solutions custom-built for the specific needs of your enterprise.

  • Unique Focus on PKI

    With PKI Solutions, test, design, deploy, and operate PKI confidently knowing you have the perspective of the world’s foremost PKI experts. Our teams have identified and remediated thousands of different PKI scenarios, enabling us to find and solve any configuration problem or issue that might cause expensive PKI outages.

  • Built for Your Business

    PKI Solutions is specifically built for the needs of energy and utilities companies. Our solution was built with OT networks in mind and customized for the specific challenges and regulations in security, encryption, and identities that utilities companies face.

  • CIP Resilience and Regulatory Requirements

    PKI is a critical element for CIP resilience and meeting the rigid regulatory requirements of your industry. PKI Solutions is the dominant PKI expert, with decades of expertise crafting solutions for the electrical grid to increase visibility, reduce cyber threats and optimize operational resilience.

  • End-to-End Solution

    With PKI Spotlight, only PKI Solutions provides true preparation and continuous awareness. PKI Solutions views prevention as an essential part of remediation and elevates operational resilience and security posture with real-time monitoring and visibility.

Why PKI Spotlight?

  • PKI Spotlight is unique as there is nothing in the market that focuses solely on PKI, and we have been able to quickly see value. We now have a centralized view of status, configurations, and events. With notifications and alerts, all stakeholders that are dependent on the PKI will have visibility into the operational status. It also frees our team to focus on high value tasks critical to risk reduction.

    Senior IT Security Analyst, 3rd Largest Utility Company in the U.S.

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