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Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services & PKI Training

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  • Turn to PKI Experts to Build Your PKI Expertise

    Training courses are delivered electronically in a self-paced, online environment. You will receive access to download the student materials, lab manual, and supporting materials. Courses feature video, audio, and slide-based content.

    The ability to design and manage a public key infrastructure (PKI) is highly dependent on the skills and knowledge of those managing it. Turn to the PKI experts at PKI Solutions to build your PKI knowledge and increase your skills. PKI Solutions offers the most up-to-date PKI training available, focusing on Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) and Windows Server 2012 R2 – Windows Server 2022.

    All classes have a strong emphasis on security, best practices, and hands-on skills labs. Current course offerings include Intro to Certificates and Keys, Microsoft PKI In-Depth, and Microsoft ADCS Advanced.

    Individual courses provide 90-day access to the lessons and materials. Unlimited access to all classes is available via an annual subscription. Each seat is fully transferrable within your organization.

    Not sure if self-paced learning is right for you? You can preview our PKI In-depth course for free with no further commitment.

PKI Training Student Testimonials

  • Charlie Kawasaki
    CISSP, Software Diligence Services, and chief technical officer, PacStar


    “It’s a real treat and privilege to attend, I’m learning a ton, and it’s directly related to the work I do.  The labs so far have been amazing. You are a master presenter, and an obvious master of the subject matter, which also makes it enjoyable.”

  • Paul Dale
    Professional Services Consultant, TITUS


    “Mark’s PKI courses on MSFT ADCS are by far and away the very, very best on the market! I’ve never met anybody who knows more than he does around the technology, and I simply cannot recommend him highly enough!”

  • William H. Knight
    Sr. Systems Administrator, Deloitte


    “The class was excellent. The content was useful, detailed and as advanced as I was hoping it’d be. The hands-on labs were very well thought out, easy to understand and effectively linked the course content and lecture to actual implementation.”

  • Lourdes Herling
    Cyber Security Analyst, Nebraska Public Power District


    “The class definitely exceeded my expectations. My PKI knowledge has grown substantially. I plan on applying several of the concepts to our internal PKI. I will be recommending your courses to anyone who needs to increase their PKI knowledge.”

  • Matt Walker
    IT Manager, Stronghold Ltd.


    “My PKI re-deployment definitely wouldn’t have been successful without the knowledge and tools I gained this week. Your class should definitely be required for anyone attempting ADCS.”

  • Lupe Q. Meza
    Security Operations, Sempra Energy Utilities


    “I truly appreciated the class! The course was highly informative and well presented. I value your knowledge, guidance, and professionalism.”

Individual Course Offerings

Small budget? Specific needs?

Individual courses offer a means of starting your Public Key Infrastructure journey without asking for larger commitments. Our instructors are the best in the business and will help you take steps in your PKI training journey. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, our courses have you covered!

  • Introduction to Certificates and Keys

    $995 for 90 days
    • Recommended for those who are new to certificates and keys, including server admins, desktop admins, developers, or anyone just starting their PKI journey.
    • Deep dive into Digital Certificates and Key Usage
    • Build foundational knowledge of PKI
    • Concepts for Windows and Linux
    • Strong emphasis on security & best practices
    • Hands-on skills labs
  • Microsoft PKI In-depth

    $2,995 for 90 days
    • Recommended for anyone using, managing, deploying or designing a Public Key Infrastructure with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services.
    • Deep dive into PKI and ADCS
    • Build knowledge and skills
    • Strong emphasis on security & best practices
    • Hands-on skills labs
    • Dozens of training hours
  • Microsoft ADCS Advanced

    $2,995 for 90 days
    • Recommended if you have taken the PKI In-depth training or are already familiar with Microsoft ADCS and are comfortable in a lab environment working with ADCS.
    • Builds on existing PKI and ADCS knowledge
    • Deployment enrollment services & CA migrations
    • CA database management
    • Disaster recovery certificate reporting
    • Code signing and key-pair file management

Not sure if online learning is right for you? Take a test drive.

  • 12-Month Training Subscription

    $7,500 per seat
    • Access all current and future courses online for 12 months
    • Subscription seats are fully transferable between employees
    • Concurrent access limited to the number of seats purchased
    • Tiered discounts available starting at 5 seats
    Person sitting at a desktop with laptop and monitor using PKI Spotlight
  • Live Private Training Courses

    If your organization has specific training needs, a large cohort of engineers to onboard, or other special circumstances, we offer customized private trainings. Based on our foundational courses of Intro to Certs and Keys, PKI In-Depth, and ADCS Advanced, you’re able to customize the training course agenda and define specific areas where an additional emphasis is desired. We provide electronic and/or printed student materials, and a cloud-enabled PKI lab environments for live, hands-on practice of the materials students are learning.