PKI Assessment Services

Get the Most Out of Your PKI Investment

Our PKI Assessments Provide Deep Insight into Design, Health, and Configuration of Your PKI

Over the course of hundreds of engagements with companies of all sizes and industries around the world, PKI Solutions has amassed extensive knowledge of how to evaluate, implement, and manage a PKI based on Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS). PKI Solutions President and Founder Mark B. Cooper created the concept of PKI assessments in 2005 while at Microsoft and has been continually refining the process.

Our unique PKI assessment process and tools automate data collection and CA discovery. The result is the most consistent and systematic way to analyze the configuration and health of ADCS PKIs available today.

We have extensive experience working with PKI environments worldwide in countless industry sectors. Our assessment offerings provide capabilities and deliver insight not found elsewhere across the industry. By tapping into our knowledge and assessment tools, you can be assured you are getting the most out of your PKI investment. 

Consultant Led Advanced PKI Assessments

A Comprehensive Assessment of Your PKI

Our Onsite Advanced PKI Assessment leverages the same tooling as our Online PKI Self-Assessment Portal to provide deep insight into the design, health, and configuration of your PKI and how it compares to industry best practices. The onsite engagement goes deeper and includes, a more thorough review of the environment. Areas include physical security controls, monitoring, patching, OCSP, NDES, Documentation, Key Recovery and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Certificate Policy and Certificate Practice Statement reviews are also optionally available as part of the review.

Thorough Analysis

A thorough review and analysis is performed by our staff that goes far beyond what any tool can provide. With decades of experience, we can piece together the bigger picture and determine areas of concern that automated tools alone are incapable of performing. This comprehensive assessment ensures that your entire PKI is configured, managed, and run in accordance with compliance and audit requirements.

Advantages of PKI Solutions Assessments

Comprehensive and Fast

Automated data collection and CA discovery – download, run, upload, and review

Continual Improvement

Unlimited online assessments (with subscription) for ongoing PKI insight, remediation, and trends

Increase Audit Compliance

Ensure your PKI is configured, managed, and run per compliance and audit requirements

Historical Trends and Reports

Your scorecards, checklists, and historical records are easily accessed via a web-based portal at any time.

Designed by the Experts

Our scorecards bring industry best practices together in an automated collection and reporting portal.

Early Warning

By ensuring your PKI is configured properly, you can catch problems before they cause outages or affect you.