Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Enhancing Resilience by Managing Digital Certificate Vulnerabilities

Join President and Founder of PKI Solutions Mark B. Cooper, and Jason Cromes, Manager of the Identity Security organization at Southern Company, as they delve into the latest advancements in security and resilience of digital certificates and PKI in critical infrastructures at 10:30 AM on Tuesday, July 23rd.

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    Stop by Booth #101 to discover how PKI Solutions can transform your PKI security strategy, and get a hands-on demo with PKI Spotlight®, our first in class platform for real-time monitoring, assessment, and alerting.

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  • 75% of respondents can't detect PKI threats

    When polled, 75% of respondents in 2024 didn’t know how to detect threats in their PKI using their current tools.

    PKI Spotlight identifies and alerts you of abnormal activity and threats to your PKI environments, such as PetitPotam, SpectreOps Certified Pre-Owned, and more.

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  • 76% of people assume their PKI is secure if it's working

    We recently polled a group of PKI professions and discovered that 76% assume their PKI is secure if it’s running or they had never thought about it before (May 2024).

    First alert capabilities highlight anything out of the ordinary in Active Directory, cryptography, and policy modules, as well as how configuration changes or PKI-related service shutdowns.

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Securing the World’s Leading Energy Utilities

Gas & Electric Utility Holding Company Case Study

  • PKI Spotlight is unique as there is nothing in the market that focuses solely on PKI, and we have been able to quickly see value. We now have a centralized view of status, configurations, and events. With notifications and alerts, all stakeholders that are dependent on the PKI will have visibility into the operational status. It also frees our team to focus on high value tasks critical to risk reduction.

    Senior IT Security Analyst, 3rd Largest Utility Company in the U.S. Learn More

PKI Spotlight


PKI Spotlight

PKI Spotlight addresses security threats from across your enterprise, from visibility into PKI issues found in audits, to increased availability of all PKI and Hardware Security Module (HSM) environments. Consolidate real-time monitoring and alerting to act decisively and maintain excellent PKI hygiene. PKI Solutions helps you visualize and optimize the outcomes that matter to you.

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  • Operational Resilience

    Detect, prevent, respond to, and recover from operational disruptions that may adversely impact your employees, customers, and suppliers to improve uptime and availability.

  • Security Posture Management

    Pinpoint configuration issues that affect permissions, the scope of allowed actions, and cryptography standards to maintain the security and integrity of your PKIs.

  • Threat Detection

    PKI Spotlight identifies and alerts of abnormal activity and threats to your PKI environments such as PetitPotam, SpecterOps Certified Pre-Owned, and more.

  • Best Practices and Governance

    Review, refine, and elevate all your PKIs based on industry best practices and organizational standards.

PKI Consulting

Tailored Consulting Based on Enterprise Needs

PKI Consulting

PKI Solutions tailors consulting to your unique organizational outcomes to ensure better security is never a barrier to business. Achieve compliance without complication with an experienced partner in PKI Solutions that understands security requirements.

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  • Design and Implementation

    Well-designed and built PKI is critical to long-term viability and integrity. PKI Solutions provides the expertise to ensure your environment will meet your needs today and for what comes next.

  • Policies and Procedures

    Certificate Policies (CP) or Certificate Practice Statements (CPS) are typically requirements for public-facing organizations and those hoping to connect PKI and identities to others. PKI Solutions helps you understand these documents, who needs them, and why to create and maintain them.

  • Co-Management and Support

    PKI Solutions supports you in your PKI ownership, elevating your team with our expertise, monitoring events, and assisting in triage and resolution of notification events. Our team never leaves you in the dark, with unlimited support, Snapshot Reports, and free PKI Training subscriptions in connection with PKI spotlight.

  • PKI Assessments

    Get the most out of your PKI investment with deep insight into the design, health, and configuration of your PKI. Our unique PKI assessment process and tools automate data collection and CA discovery, providing the most consistent and systematic way to analyze the configuration and health of ADCS PKIs available.

PKI Training

PKI Training Services

PKI Training

We offer curated courses that match your enterprise needs and your employees’ expertise. Meet ever-evolving company needs with training materials tailored to serve specific strategic objectives. With PKI Solutions, learn from the experts that shape the PKI space.

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  • Always Available Online Library

    Our always available online coursework provides subject areas suited to each employee’s skill level from “Intro to Certificates and Keys” to “Microsoft ADCS Advanced.”

  • Customizable Live Private Courses

    Flexible to fit your company’s needs, our live private courses offer customizable agendas and areas of focus, for targeted training that suits organizational objectives.

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