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PKI Solutions Logo

We’re pleased to announce that we’re unveiling our new company logo on our website today. The PKIGuy and the rest of the team here are excited to welcome you to our first-ever PKI Solutions logo contest!

Since cryptography is the art of writing and solving codes, we decided to have some fun with the roll-out of our new logo and get you guys involved. We want to invite you to participate in our contest to see how many cryptography clues and graphic elements that you can find in our logo.

How it works:
Visit our website and click the link here to enter the contest. The contest begins on Friday, February 23 at 6:00 a.m. PST and ends on 12 a.m.. PST Saturday March 3.

Who wins:
The top three people who find the most clues and design elements that relate to cryptography will each win our contest.

What you win:
Each of the top three winners will win the thrill of victory … AND each winner will receive one (1) of three (3) $31 Starbucks eGift cards.

Good luck cracking the code!

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