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Mark B. Cooper, known as The PKI Guy, talks with a wide variety of experts who share their insights on current technologies, new developments, and what's on the horizon. Learn more about cybersecurity threats and trends, how enterprises can take action, and industry happenings. Check back regularly!

The PKI Guy's Q&A Series PKI Solutions

The PKI Guy Talks Security Intelligence with Roger A. Grimes

By ThePKIGuy | May 11, 2022

“PKI Spotlight has closed a blind spot that we’ve always had in the PKI industry. I love PKI Spotlight …”– Roger A. Grimes Q&A with Roger A. Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4 Roger A. Grimes, CPA, CISSP, CEH, MCSE, CISA, CISM, CNE, yada, yada (his words) is the author of 13 books and over 1200…

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Marina Simakov of Preempt Talks to The PKI Guy

The PKI Guy talks securing identities with Marina Simakov of Preempt

By ThePKIGuy | August 14, 2020

Q&A with Marina Simakov, security researcher at Preempt TPG: What can organizations do to best protect their organizations now that the bulk of employees are working remotely? MS: Many organizations may have covered the fundamentals of user authentication and security by defining privileged accounts, enforcing restricted access to crown jewel assets, and reducing the attack…

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The PKI Guy Talks to Doug Finke with Quantum Computing Report

The PKI Guy talks quantum technology with Doug Finke with Quantum Computing Report

By ThePKIGuy | July 17, 2020

Q&A with Doug Finke, managing editor of Quantum Computing Report TPG: What is it about quantum technology that you find most intriguing? DF: People have been working to improve the performance of classical computers for over 70 years. But the interesting thing is that the basic physics principles that computers rely on haven’t changed in…

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The PKI Guy Talks with Lily Chen of NIST

The PKI Guy talks post-quantum standards with Lily Chen of NIST

By ThePKIGuy | June 11, 2020

Q&A with Lily Chen, group manager, post-quantum cryptography team with NIST TPG: Tell us about your role with the NIST Post-Quantum Team and how you are leading the efforts to render quantum attacks ineffective. LC: I am the manager of the Cryptographic Technology Group at NIST, which has developed and published cryptographic standards for more…

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Accredited Standards Committee X9 Inc. PKI

The PKI Guy talks standards with Dean Coclin, chair of the ASC X9 PKI study group

By ThePKIGuy | May 19, 2020
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The PKI Guy discusses crypto-agility with Johannes Lintzen of Cryptomathic

By ThePKIGuy | April 21, 2020

Q&A with Johannes Lintzen, executive vice president, Cryptomathic TPG: When will we truly see quantum computing? JL: While the science and technology behind quantum computers is extremely complex, their computing power has been steadily increasing, from 3 qubits in 1998, to 7 qubits in 2000, to 12 qubits in 2006, and up to 72 qubits…

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