Announcing Free PKI Assessments

Mark Cooper President & Founder PKI Solutions

Today we are announcing a new feature for our Online PKI Assessment portal. Our portal offers the world’s first, on-demand, self-paced assessment of Microsoft ADCS based PKIs. Utilizing our proprietary automated data collection tools, you can quickly scan and collect configuration details from your PKI and receive an assessment online – all at your convenience and without the cost and time constraints of a consultant lead service.

In our new feature, we are offering free access to the assessment portal. The free LITE access will provide you with the same portal experience, data collection, and analysis as our paid service. Once your configuration data has been analyzed, you will receive a scorecard snapshot along with the scoring criteria and sections reviewed.

There is no final commitment and the service is 100%. You will have the option to unlock any report by buying a license or a subscription so your data collection and information can be fully displayed and accessed when you wish.

Our hope is that this will make it easier for organizations to determine the high level status of their PKI and determine if a full report is needed or a more exhaustive effort is needed to remediate the environment.

The free LITE service is available immediately. You can start the process here:

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