Announcing Free PKI Assessments

Mark Cooper President & Founder PKI Solutions

Today we are announcing a new feature for our Online PKI Assessment portal. Our portal offers the world’s first, on-demand, self-paced assessment of Microsoft ADCS based PKIs. Utilizing our proprietary automated data collection tools, you can quickly scan and collect configuration details from your PKI and receive an assessment online – all at your convenience…

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Win a Free Online PKI Assessment

PKI Solutions Logo

PKI Solutions is excited to announce that we are giving away a complimentary Online PKI Assessment to two winners!  It’s our way of sharing our great new tool that is revolutionizing the way organizations assess and remediate their PKI. All on-demand by leveraging our automated process. When was the last time you performed a health…

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The PKI Guy talks securing identities with Marina Simakov of Preempt

Marina Simakov of Preempt Talks to The PKI Guy

Q&A with Marina Simakov, security researcher at Preempt TPG: What can organizations do to best protect their organizations now that the bulk of employees are working remotely? MS: Many organizations may have covered the fundamentals of user authentication and security by defining privileged accounts, enforcing restricted access to crown jewel assets, and reducing the attack…

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