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Blog November 25, 2019 PKI, Remme, RFI, RFP

A comprehensive RFP/RFI guide to procuring PKI and digital certificate solutions

by Mark B Cooper

We recently announced that we are working with Remme to expand our portfolio of PKI offerings and services for enterprises – designed to meet the evolving demands of public key encryption and certificate management.

Together we have created a comprehensive template for organizations to use when starting a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find a PKI solution to best meet their needs. This free template will help you ask the right questions of your PKI vendors in order to select the right solution for your organization.

This RFP template consists of more than 90 questions organized in various sections to help you align your issues with your end goals. Whether your organization is new to buying and implementing PKI products, tools, and services – or wants to switch an existing provider – this template will help you collect multiple proposals so you can determine the best vendor for you.

We are proud to bring products such as Remme’s Keyhub to enterprise customers looking for secure options to protect their most valuable assets. PKI is at the core of IT for enterprises, supporting network authentication, data encryption, code signing and secure email. PKI is also the backbone of both forthcoming 5G applications and the global SHAKEN/STIR technology standard that will help prevent robocalls.

Download this comprehensive template now for free to get started: https://remme.io/keyhub/choose-the-right-pki-solution-2019-request-for-proposal-template

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