PKI Solutions Webinar Series

Join us for our PKI Solutions webinar series, kicking off March 26, 2020. This will be a year of talking quantum preparedness, validating SSL certificates, multi-cloud key management, ways to improve the security of your PKI, and more. Mark Cooper, aka The PKI Guy, will present and host the webinars. Learn PKI best practices and hear an expert’s perspective – all in 30 minutes. Visit to view topics, register, be notified of upcoming episodes, and access past webinar content.

There are 12 episodes in this year’s series, including:

  • March 26: Quantum Preparedness: Take Action Now Before the Crypto Sky Falls
  • April 16: The Secret to Secrets Management
  • May 6: Mayday! Signs That Your PKI Needs a Co-Pilot
  • May 27: How PKI and SHAKEN/STIR Will Fight Robocalls and Caller ID Spoofing
  • June 10: Taking Inventory of Your PKI Health
  • July 22: Validating SSL Certificates the Easy Way
  • August 12: Streamlining Common PKI and ADCS Tasks with Windows PowerShell
  • September 9: Why the Case for HSMs is Stronger than Ever
  • October 7: Managing Your PKI with Microsoft ADCS in Today’s Multi-Cloud World
  • October 28: BYOK, HYOK...The Key to Multi-Cloud Key Management
  • November 12: The Ins and Outs of ASN.1: How to Use PKI Extensions
  • December 9: 10 Ways to Improve the Security of Your PKI

If you have questions for Mark Cooper about any of these topics, please email


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