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Blog March 22, 2024 CIP, PKI environment, PKI Insights, Utility

PKI Insights Recap - Energy Utility PKI Cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructure (CIP) environments

by Mark B Cooper

In our recent webinar, we delved into the intricate relationship between cybersecurity, PKI, and critical infrastructure, particularly within the energy and utility sectors. The discourse navigated through the essential cybersecurity controls required for the isolation and safeguarding of critical infrastructures, underscoring the necessity for more than just physical or network separation in today’s evolving threat landscape.

We discussed the progressive shift towards integrating cloud-based solutions within critical infrastructures, signaling a move towards more resilient and diversified cybersecurity strategies. The conversation highlighted how threats have diversified, with ransomware and other non-discriminatory attacks posing significant risks, thereby necessitating a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that leverages PKI and digital certificates to secure a network of intelligent devices.

A focal point of our webinar was the importance of adopting a modernized cybersecurity strategy that transcends traditional boundaries, emphasizing real-time intelligence and visibility. This modern approach is crucial not only for the detection of vulnerabilities but also for their prevention, ensuring the ongoing resilience of our essential services against emerging threats.

The webinar underscored the collective effort required to fortify our critical infrastructure, advocating for the evolution of cybersecurity practices to stay ahead of potential threats. This deep dive into PKI’s role in enhancing cybersecurity measures presents an insightful perspective on the challenges and solutions pivotal to protecting our critical infrastructures in the digital age.

For a more detailed exploration of these topics and to gain further insights into the critical role of PKI in securing our future, the full webinar content offers a comprehensive overview of the strategies and practices essential for safeguarding critical infrastructure against evolving cybersecurity threats.


Stay tuned for our April PKI Insights where we will explore PKI Posture Management, an emerging cybersecurity space that Gartner Research recently wrote about. We will explore what this is, how it is solving real-world challenges in organizations today, and how you can get started proactively mitigating and managing vulnerabilities in your environment. Registration details coming soon!

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