What’s New in PKI Spotlight | July 2022 Release Update

With the addition of Is-Alive Testing for ADCS Certificate Authority and our proprietary Best Practices Engine, PKI Spotlight is poised to help organizations properly configure and monitor their PKI environment and avoid costly errors.

PKI Solutions is excited to announce the latest enhancements to PKI Spotlight, The first Public Key Infrastructure management solution built from the ground up for real-time monitoring and alerting of the availability, configuration, and security of all your PKI and HSM environments.

This release of PKI Spotlight introduces the following capabilities:

  1. The Best Practices Engine 
  2. Is Alive (not just looks alive) checks for Certificate Authorities 

Real-time Best Practices Engine

Helps companies address the problem of not having the time or expertise to follow best practices and health checks.  With the inclusion of the Best Practices Engine in PKI Spotlight, admins and security architects can in real-time keep up with best practices needed to keep PKIs and HSMs functional, available and secure.

(Dare we say just like having your own virtual PKI Solutions consultant?)


  • Always on rules engine that checks the status of the PKI and HSM configurations and events against best practices
  • Out Of The Box (OOTB) best practices derived from 100+ customer engagements
  • Regular updates for the latest and relevant best practice checks

Is Alive (not just looks alive) for your Certificate Authority

First of its kind to help PKI admins keep track of the actual operational status and availability of their ADCS Certificate Authority (CA) and HSMs, and indicate whether the Certificate Authority can indeed sign requests digitally. 

PKI Spotlight goes beyond the basic “is the service running” check. But instead, it detects failure conditions before they impact your environment. PKI Spotlight runs an exhaustive checklist of dependencies to ensure that the Certificate Authority is running and can service requests.


With the introduction of IsAlive capability, PKI Spotlight makes the following six checks

  • CA Service Status 
  • ICertview
  • ICertRequest interface availability 
  • Latest CA Certificate chain validity 
  • Latest CA Certificate private key availability and usability 

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