If you joined our PKI Solutions Office Hours – our live Q&A – held on April 2, 2020 with Mark Cooper, Vadims Podāns, and Jacob Grandlienard, you were part of a lively PKI discussion. With questions around setting up permissions in ADCS, the pros and cons of where CDPs are located, and configuring NDES, this was an action-packed hour of tech talk. If you couldn’t participate, watch it here:

You can also access the Q&A here:


As you continue to face challenges with your PKI and COVID-19-related issues such as remote access, availability, scale, and management, we’re here to help. Didn’t get your question answered? Send an email to thepkiguy@pkisolutions.com

Need some recommended reading and study material about PKI? Check out:


We hope to see you at the next Office Hours!

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