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Expand PKI Visibility with PKI Spotlight®

In cybersecurity, visibility is key. PKI Spotlight enables unmatched visibility across enterprise public key infrastructures and hardware security modules. This real-time monitoring software provides vital perspective into all PKI environments in one place to improve security, availability, and recoverability to keep you ahead of threats.

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  • Seeing is Securing

    PKI Spotlight turns experience into action. This unified visibility platform is built on PKI Solutions’ 20 years of experience identifying and remediating every type of PKI obstacle and environment, turning retroactive remediation into proactive visibility.

    • Pre-detect configuration and availability issues before they cause certificate outage issues
    • Act decisively and respond with urgency with complete insight into PKI configurations
    • Review, refine and revamp PKI with operational and configurations best practices built on our extensive PKI expertise

Improve Resilience and Reduce PKI Outages

High Availability for PKI

Improve Resilience and Reduce PKI Outages

Detect, prevent, respond to, and recover from operational disruptions that may adversely impact your employees, customers, and suppliers to improve uptime and availability.

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  • Prevent PKI Outages

    Maximize operational resilience with complete PKI outage remediation that includes prevention. PKI Spotlight provides the centralized visibility you need to identify and remediate the configuration issues that can cause PKI outages before those outages occur.

  • Display All Relevant Data

    Consolidation cuts complexity. With PKI Spotlight, gain unprecedented perspective into all your PKI environments all in one place to monitor for signs of unavailability, pre-failure, and failover states.

  • Get Real-Time Warnings

    See the unseen by configuring real-time, multi-channel alerts, and notifications.

  • Patent Pending Certificate Authority Is-Alive Testing

    Enable continuous tracking of a CA’s ability to sign certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRLs) via an exhaustive suite of automated checks and continuous monitoring of your ADCS CAs and HSMs.

PKI Threat Detection and Security Posture Management

Detect PKI Threats and Maintain Security Posture

PKI Threat Detection and Security Posture Management

PKI Spotlight identifies and alerts of abnormal activity and threats to your PKI environments such as PetitPotam, SpectreOps Certified Pre-Owned, and more. Have you identified PKI issues in a failed penetration test? PKI Spotlight helps to remediate issues and prevent them in the future.

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  • Reduce Time to Resolution

    Reduce time to resolution with rapid notifications that enable swift remediation.

  • Highlight Abnormalities and Configuration Issues

    First alert capabilities highlight anything out of the ordinary in Active Directory, cryptography, and policy modules, as well as how configuration changes or PKI-related service shutdowns.

  • Enhance Certainty in Security after Your PKI Fails in a Pen Test

    With PKI Solutions, trade uncertainty for clarity. PKI Spotlight tackles complex vulnerabilities like SpecterOps Certified Pre-Owned, PetitPotam, and more, proactively preventing these vulnerabilities so you don’t worry about pen testing again.

Complete Your PKI Resources for a Complete PKI Strategy

Complete PKI Support Structure and Strategy

Complete Your PKI Resources for a Complete PKI Strategy

PKI Spotlight is both a comprehensive monitoring and visibility tool and a support infrastructure for reducing PKI complexity. Expand your visibility by leveraging PKI Spotlight and a CLM solution to have a holistic view across your entire PKI and certificate landscape to monitor certificate availability, issuance, and prevent outage

Find Complete PKI Support
  • Reduce Complexity with Comprehensive Support Infrastructure

    Co-Management support goes hand in hand with PKI Spotlight. Rest easy with unlimited PKI expertise at your fingertips.

  • Complete Your PKI Strategy

    Move beyond simple certificate lifecycle management solutions and with PKI Spotlight. No matter the scenario, PKI Solutions guides your organization to a complete PKI strategy, so you can have confidence in what you own and what comes next.

Utilize PKI Spotlight to its Fullest with Co-Management

Managing PKI is complex. PKI Solutions supports you in your PKI ownership, elevating your team with our expert monitoring, reporting, response, remediation, and unlimited support on-demand. Contact us to learn more about our co-management for continuous support.

With Co-Management, Support is Always on Hand

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Businesses that don’t have dedicated resources for PKI monitoring get an extra set of eyes with co-management. Our continuous monitoring bolsters your security teams, monitoring a data feed of events and best practices alerts via Splunk, and easily integrates with your existing systems.

  • Reporting and Remediation

    PKI Solutions co-management reporting supports the ease of understanding of your environment with tickets, expert investigation into root causes, and remediation strategies from the professionals who know PKI the best.

  • Support Services

    With co-management, getting the customized PKI support you need is simple, efficient, and available at any time. Co-management supports your team with unlimited, timely access to expert guidance that boosts your team’s productivity, lowers operational costs, and keeps your PKI functioning.

  • Best Practices & Governance

    Review, refine, and operate all of your PKIs based on industry best practices and organizational standards. PKI Solutions utilizes extensive experience in PKI scenarios to both define best practices and adapt them to your business needs.

    • Security By Design: Allow security architects and PKI admins to methodically calibrate Identity, access, and encryption settings.
    • Best Practices Engine: Real-time rules engine that checks against best practices to proactively recommend improvements and remediation.
    • Out of the Box Recommendations: 100 and growing Out of The Box (OOTB) rules to continually check the status of PKI and HSM configurations and events against best practices
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  • Operational Resilience

    Operational resilience empowers organizations to adapt and thrive in unexpected challenges, showcasing their ability to navigate complexity with resilience and innovation. Spotlight PKI monitoring ensures continuous business operations, safeguards against disruptions, and enhances overall sustainability, ultimately contributing to long-term success. Operational resilience fosters a culture of preparedness and agility, allowing businesses to proactively address potential threats and maintain a competitive edge in dynamic environments.

  • Security Posture Management

    PKI Spotlight provides organizations with a comprehensive and dynamic overview of their PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) landscape, allowing them to stay ahead of evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Its value lies in proactively identifying security risks, enabling a robust defense against potential cyber-attacks and data breaches. Spotlight offers real-time insights and mitigation strategies to strengthen an organization’s security posture, instill confidence among stakeholders, and maintain trust in an increasingly interconnected world.

  • Threat Detection

    Our threat detection capabilities serve as a digital guardian, constantly scanning and identifying potential security risks in the complex landscape of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). Our ability to swiftly detect abnormal activities, preventing cybercriminals from exploiting vulnerabilities and safeguarding sensitive information. Cyber threat detection is critical for maintaining the integrity of systems, networks, and data, playing a pivotal role in the ongoing battle against cyber threats and ensuring the resilience of digital ecosystems.

  • Best Practice Insights

    Our best practice insights for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) offer a systematic and practical approach to maintaining the integrity of digital certificates, bolstering the overall resilience of an organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Their value is apparent in providing a proactive strategy to mitigate risks, ensuring the robustness of PKI against potential threats. Best practice insights are vital in enhancing operational resilience by instilling a culture of preparedness, enabling organizations to navigate challenges confidently, and safeguarding critical cryptographic systems against disruptions.

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  • PKI Spotlight in Action: Revolutionary Tool for the Energy Industry

    PKI Spotlight was born out of the critical PKI security and availability needs of the energy industry, combining the depth of our PKI expertise with the real-time visibility enterprises need. Now, the visibility that PKI Spotlight provides is critical for businesses in any industry. Learn more about how PKI Spotlight is filling the needs of energy companies and more.

    • No Internet Connection: PKI Spotlight is not a SaaS solution and does not require an Internet connection. It is designed so electrical companies can run it in an isolated network. 
    • Best Practices and Governance: Review and refine your PKI operational and configuration practices within standard frameworks like NAESB.
    • Optimal Visibility: Reduce time to solution with real-time monitoring and centralized visibility. 
    • Operational Resilience: Improve the uptime, availability, and recoverability of your PKIs and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) environments.

Custom PKI Solutions Success Stories

  • PKI Spotlight is an important addition to our portfolio of products and gives us productivity gains together with peace of mind that our PKI systems are available and functional, and any service that relies on our PKI is operating smoothly and securely.

    Scott Fales, Principal Network Engineer at BayPort Credit Union

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