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Blog March 14, 2022 PKI

Unveiling PKI Spotlight: Industry’s first and only real-time PKI monitoring and alerting solution

by Mark B Cooper

Today, we’re excited and proud to announce the launch of PKI Spotlight, the industry’s first and only real-time PKI monitoring and alerting solution. This revolutionary product provides important information about the availability, configuration, and security of all of your organization’s PKI environments – all consolidated into one easy-to-use dashboard. You can read the news release about our new product announcement here.

Person sitting at a laptop while viewing the PKI Spotlight Dashboard.

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PKI Spotlight is the culmination of years of work applying our PKI expertise to solve an urgent business problem for IT teams around the world and to develop a product that will be a real game changer for our industry. The objective is to address the need for Operational Resilience, Security Posture Management, Threat Detection and Best Practices to give organizations confidence in their Identity and Data Encryption solutions. Over the years, we’ve watched as organizations have battled with undetected failed devices, CAs operating in zombie states, crashed services, network-wide outages, data breaches, cyberattacks, and other challenges that you can’t even imagine. These IT teams have struggled to get visibility across their entire PKI ecosystem in real-time so they can capture the security intelligence that they need to avoid these potentially catastrophic situations. Ironically, all of these situations could have been avoided with real-time alerting and monitoring of PKI environments. In fact, as any of you IT experts know, many crises start with a simple alert. Then, eventually the proverbial sh*t hits the fan.

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve seen it all. We’ve been called in to help our customers with a wide range of PKI challenges due to the lack of security intelligence – but there were no available tools to use in those earlier cybersecurity battles. Now, we’re pleased that we can bring a new tool that we built to the fight. And, it’s been gratifying to hear the positive responses from enterprise organizations that participated in our Early Access Program (EAP) over the last 6 months when we first showed them the capabilities of PKI Spotlight.

Many of these organizations were telling us that they were shocked to see the amount of information about their PKI environments that they can access with just a couple of clicks on their keyboard when using PKI Spotlight. To be able to access all of that important information about their PKI components through a single pane of glass view on one console is game changing. It’s critical and all part of a modern IAM strategy that Gartner calls a Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture.

Many IT teams have told us the same thing along the lines of: “we didn’t know what we didn’t know about our PKI.” Their PKI is like a black box and they run it until it breaks. One customer said, “Hey, I’m getting these failure alerts around my revocation list. Now, for the first time, I’m able to look at these alerts to make sure something isn’t going wrong. Without this tool we would have let things run until they broke. It’s been the same way for years!”

Another senior information security analyst told us that “PKI Spotlight helps us introduce resiliency in our identity and encryption infrastructure while staying ahead of any situations that can cause disruption to our business. PKI Spotlight is unique as there is nothing like this in the market that focuses solely on PKI. We were able to quickly see its value.”

Scott Fales, principal network engineer at BayPort Credit Union says, “PKI Spotlight is an important addition to our portfolio of products and gives us productivity gains together with peace of mind that our PKI systems are available and functional, and any service that relies on our PKI is operating smoothly and securely.”

In the office, the favorite customer feedback has been, “You can’t Splunk this!” We all get a grin when we share that story.

We want to provide IT teams with a tool that gives them the peace of mind that every moment of every day, things are operating smoothly, and they’ll be able to detect any problems in advance. PKI Spotlight has brought our vision to life about building an automation tool to solve organizations’ IAM security and operational needs. And, what we’re so keenly proud about with PKI Spotlight is the fact that we’re getting this great customer feedback already and yet we still know that we’re only a short distance down the path on our road map of features. This means that there are lots of exciting new features to come that will blow people away.

To wrap this up, we have to say that we’ve been focused on PKI for almost 20 years now and this is probably the sexiest and most exciting thing that’s happened in the PKI space during that time. We’re just glad that we were part of it and that we were the ones doing something about

the urgent PKI challenges facing IT teams. Someone needed to fix the problem and we’re glad it was our team at PKI Solutions that did it.

To celebrate our launch of PKI Spotlight, we’re offering you 20% off the purchase price if you request a demo and buy an annual license for PKI Spotlight before April 15, 2022. Sign up for a demo today to check it out and you can watch for more updates to come about PKI Spotlight in the weeks ahead!

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