‘The handle is invalid. 0x80070006 (WIN32: 6)’ when dumping CA database

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Consider the following scenario: you are dumping CA database by using certutilPowerShell or any other tool that utilizes ICertView2 interface and at some point you receive the following error


CertUtil: -view command FAILED: 0x80070006 (WIN32: 6)

CertUtil: The handle is invalid.

PowerShell (when using ICertView interface):

CEnumCERTVIEWROW::Next: The handle is invalid. 0x80070006 (WIN32: 6)


This error can be caused because of handle expiration. There are two functions that control database access handle validity:

1) When the connection is opened by calling ICertView2::OpenConnection the next action must be taken within a ViewIdleMinutes period. If no action (OpenView method call) is taken within this period, the handle is released. By default, ViewIdleMinutes is 8 minutes.

2) When ICertView::OpenView method is called, the handle is valid for the period specified in the ViewAgeMinutes. If the CA database dump operation exceeds this parameter, the handle is forcedly released and the error is returned. By default, ViewAgeMinutes is 16 minutes.


This is by design.


If there is a need to extend handle validity for large output, you can increase ViewAgeMinutes property by modifying CA configuration:

  1. Log on to CA server with local administrator permissions;
  2. Open elevated command prompt;
  3. Type the following commands in the command prompt:
certutil –setreg CA\ViewAgeMinutes X where X – is a number that represents handle validity in minutes.

4. Restart certificate services.


No workaround is available.


  • Active Directory Certificate Services (all versions)

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