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Blog September 10, 2013 Windows Server 2012

2012 PKI Book in Progress!

by Mark B Cooper

Great news, I’ve been working with Brian Komar, the author of the 2003 and 2008 MS Press Windows Server 2008 PKI and Certificate Security books. He has crafted the technical outline of the book and I will be working with him as a Technical Editor. So for the time being I am reviewing the book outline and writing is scheduled to start next month. The book is set to be published/released in early 2014 and will focus on Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2.

The new book will not be published by MS Press due to volume related issues. So the new book will be self-published in at least electronic format. Perhaps there will be an option for print on demand services too – I’ll have to mention that to Brian now that I think of it.

In the mean time here are some sources to get electronic copies of the 2008 book. Do NOT buy the $9700 printed copy from Amazon! I’ll sell you one of my copy for a lot less.

Barnes and Noble eBook format
eBooks Electronic Format
O’Reilly Electronic Book

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