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Blog January 13, 2021 Assessments, Online Portal

Changes to the Online Assessment Portal Program

by Mark B Cooper

Since the launch of our Online Assessment Program in 2020, we have seen incredible interest in the ability to perform a thorough review and assessment of an organization’s PKI without the expense and effort of working with a consultant onsite. The self-paced, on-demand approach was an industry first for reviewing and assessing the configuration, health, and practices of a Microsoft ADCS based PKI.

Developing and launching a new service like this was not only a technical challenge that built on our many years of expertise and existing tooling, but it required adjusting how we approached a self-service assessment. We knew we wanted to enable organizations to have better access to our tools and expertise and be able to perform the assessment when they needed it most.

It also meant rethinking how assessments were priced. While we still perform onsite/remote Advanced Assessments with our consultants reviewing PKIs (far beyond what a tool ever could), the online assessment made it easier for organizations to review their own PKI, or even other consulting/services organizations to review the state of a PKI for their customers before they set out to deploy new services or projects on top of the PKI.

When we priced the Online Assessment Portal originally, we knew it was a much more scalable method and an easier delivery for not only our customers but ourselves. When we price a single assessment at $5K, it was worth every dollar. That price was approximately 1/6 the price of an onsite assessment with a senior PKI consultant. Industry rates typically price these engagements from $15,000-$30,000.

While we saw a lot of interest and sales at the $5K price, we knew we could do better. We made improvements to our infrastructure and have decided we want to increase the accessibility of the tool. To that end, we have made considerable pricing adjustments to the tool and create a new offering.

Our single assessments are now $995 and a 12-month unlimited subscription is $4,995 for all of the same capabilities as before. We are also launching a Consulting Partner Program for organizations that provide services or software to their own customers and have a need to assess the state of a PKI before they can execute their own deliveries.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our free assessment offering, we are still providing that as well. We hope this new pricing structure makes it easier for everyone to access and use the tool and we look forward to releasing future features in the near future.

For more information and to purchase our assessment or access our free LITE offering visit:

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