Entrust Announces End of Support for TWO Product Lines (nShield Solo+ and nShield Connect+), This May Pose Risks to You… 

Entrust Announces End of Support for TWO Product Lines nShield Solo and nShield Connect This May Pose Risks to You 11.29.22

Entrust announced an nCipher timeline for the End of Sale and End of Support of the nShield Solo+ and nShield Connect+ product lines of Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

Units affected will remain on sale and available to purchase (subject to availability) until December 31, 2020. These models will then be covered by a standard two-year maintenance program until December 31, 2022. 

Part numbers, and effective XC product line equivalents, are confirmed within the attached documentation.  

Please note that this announcement excludes the nShield Connect+/nShield Solo+ Common Criteria range, the nShield Solo+ for the Timestamp Option Pack and the nShield nToken+. 

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