Microsoft KB Archive update, February 2020

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Hello everyone!

Today I want to provide some cool news from our Microsoft KB Archive service.

UX changes

After service launch, we received various feedback from users and I addressed most requested ones.

  • Search bar everywhere

Initially, there was only dedicated page with search box to search for articles. Now, search box is placed on a menu bar:


Enter KB number, part of title or description and hit Enter.

  • Indication that article is available on Microsoft web site

If you search for article that exists on Microsoft web site, we return 404. Additionally, we indicate that it exists on Microsoft web site:


  • Provide a Web Archive link when we don’t have requested article

If you search for article that doesn’t exist in our database and no longer shown on Microsoft web site, we do a search on web archive and provide a link:


We record your query and put requested article into queue. We are periodically reviewing the queue list and add them manually to our database.

Automated Update, February Edition

3 days ago, our automated update system refreshed the state of articles and reported that Microsoft has removed at least 199 articles from their web site between January 16, 2020 and February 16, 2020. Now they are added to public access on our service. We are still working on making this information available on KB Archive web site. For now, I will post them here:

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